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Lisa Gröning

Lisa Gröning

After my previous experience in the Swedish industry, I wanted to be a part of something with more speed and ability to evolve. I don´t have any bad words about the core industries in Sweden, but I needed something else. The recruitment process ran very smooth. Since I lived in Umeå in the northern parts of Sweden when I applied to Nepa, we started with two Skype interviews and the final interview at the office in Stockholm. It felt it was a very good interaction between me and the interviewers, nothing like a stiff Q & A interview.

The role as an analyst is both a good match to my education and it fulfilled my demand for a job including statistics. Here at Nepa, more or less everyone has an analytical mindset but we also chitchat over a coffee talking about all and nothing under the moon. “Nepians” are playing in the top league of kindness and socialness.


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