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Ali Piltan

Ali Piltan

Generally, we are quite adventure seeking and some kind of crazy people and we want to be a part of a journey in shaping the world in some sense. Nepa can be quite a demanding workspace. Not so much because of the expectations of you as an individual but because of your own expectations of what Nepa can achieve. We want to see our vision of Nepa come true and we work really hard to make that happen.

It’s also very rewarding to work at Nepa. There are many people at Nepa that share the same expectations of what Nepa can achieve. When I accomplish certain things together with my colleagues I get very happy and proud about it. If I were to characterize working at Nepa in a number of words they would be – exiting, tough, frustrating, “in it together”, innovative, action-oriented, big wins, small wins, small fails, big fails.

A reason why Nepa is growing so fast is because of our mindset of creating opportunities rather than waiting for them to appear. I enjoy working in an environment where so many people has that drive – taking charge of our own destiny and creating our own future. It also makes you develop a lot as a person.

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