Being a growth company, a key to success is our ability to transform people from lone rangers to team players. Otherwise we will get stuck and stop evolving. Being team players stretches everyone and causes some aches and pain, but in the end of the day it makes us all better. I spend most of my time silently coaching, shaping conversations, encouraging action and enabling a collaborative environment. The result  are some innovative solutions around how we work, how problems are solved and in the long run, how products are made and what they can do. I lead by putting others into positions where they can excel, often before they now they can do so. I give the fun stuff to others and eat more of the boring but necessary things myself.

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  • Akilvenithan Umaganthan
  • Ashwini Visave
  • Barnali Chakraborty
  • Daniela Lueth
  • Eevi Reinikainen
  • Frida Wallsbeck
  • Hanna Wallin
  • Matt Healy
  • Rohan Bhosle
  • Sam Richardson

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